equipment & technology

Dixie Construction Company carefully evaluates and employs the latest construction equipment and technologies available. From estimating and project planning, to the equipment and electronics utilized to complete our projects, we use cutting-edge technology in order to complete every aspect of the project and to help identify opportunities to add value and cost savings in the following ways:

  • We implement the most up-to-date computer software and technologies to ensure that our customers are provided an accurate estimation of their projects
  • Computer generated 3D models are created from the civil engineering site plans by our estimating department 
  • These 3D models not only are used for accurately predicting material estimates, they are also the same 3D models used to guide our GPS machines in the field 
  • We utilize the same 3D model in the field for the finished product that is used during the material estimates to make sure that we meet our client’s expectations  
  • Our project management team, as well as our field supervision and work crews, also use advanced software to report project progress from the site daily                            

This advanced technology not only ensures a quality finished product, it also accelerates production rates that translate to an overall cost savings for our clients. These processes also significantly increase the flow of information to allow us to track and monitor projects daily, and help keep our projects on time and on schedule.