Executive Management

                                                                 Building the future from the ground up.

The foundation of Dixie Construction is based on decades of experience – together. Our leadership strength comes from more than a century of experience, fine tuning our business as a team. This unique team has allowed us to perfect a collaborative approach to lead us to success in what we value the most: our strong client relationships, close ties to the community, and providing unmatched quality services and products in the safest way possible.


Shawn Pyle, President and CEO

Shawn started with Dixie Construction in 1994 as a foreman. Working his way up through the company, Shawn is now responsible for leading and developing Dixie Construction’s overall strategy. With over 20 years of operational and business experience, Shawn is active in the development of long-term customer relationships and frequently contributes his expertise with innovative operational techniques to best serve our clients. Shawn resides in Maryland with his wife and has three children.


Pat Dixon, Vice President of Operations

Pat started with Dixie Construction in 2003 as a Utility Superintendent. Previously, Pat worked for Crouse Construction and brings 30+ years of field experience to Dixie. In his current role, Pat is responsible for all aspects of Field Operations, including Shop and Trucking. With nearly 15 years with Dixie Construction, Pat’s ease of handling and scheduling 300 craft employees and 500 pieces of equipment has brought unmatched efficiency to Dixie’s construction operations.


Chuck Crowther, Vice President of Estimating

Chuck joined the company in 2006 as the Vice President of Estimating. Chuck brings 35+ years of operational and business experience to the table from his previous roles, which include positions such as President of T.C. Simons, Inc. and Bureau Chief – Highways Division with Harford County.  In his current role, Chuck is responsible for all aspects of Pre-Construction. For over 10 years, Chuck has been a valuable asset to Dixie by bringing in the single largest contract Dixie has signed to date and continually increasing yearly revenues and profit for the company. Chuck has been married over 33 years and enjoys spending time with this three children and grandchildren, and also enjoys target shooting and driving.


Gregg Lenane, Vice President of Project Management

Gregg joined Dixie Construction in 2002 as a Project Manager, and is now currently responsible for all aspects of Project Management and oversight on our jobsites. Previously a General Superintendent at T.C. Simons, Inc, Gregg has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. His operational experience is instrumental in contriving innovative solutions to deliver projects under-budget and on-schedule.



A.J. Verdecchia, Chief Financial Officer

A.J. started with Dixie Construction in 2013 as the Chief Financial Officer. A.J. bring 25+ years of finance, IT, and human resources experience with him from energy, technology, and manufacturing companies. With his broad range of experience from previous roles at Configure, Inc and Union Drilling, Inc, A.J. is responsible for all aspects of financial reporting and steering the company to continuous growth. A.J. lives in Maryland with his wife and two children and enjoys spending time on the golf course and mountain biking.


Sarah Bishop, Director of Business Development

Sarah Bishop joined Dixie Construction in 2017. Sarah was brought on to the team to assume responsibility of Business Development and Marketing as Dixie continues to grow in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Sarah brings her previous operational and business management experience from Skanska USA Civil to lead Dixie Construction to progressive success. Sarah resides in Virginia with her husband and four children. When Sarah’s not on the road to meet with Clients, she’s on the road as an avid runner.