We take extreme pride in providing our employes and clients with the latest advancements in safety supervision, oversight and training. Since our formation almost 50 years ago, safety has been of paramount importance. We have always valued every employee as a member of our family. We have taken great strides to provide employees with the training and equipment necessary to carefully fulfill their tasks in today’s ever increasingly hazardous environment.

We have embraced numerous safety tools to ensure that we have stayed in the forefront of safety for our employees and clients. An example of this can be found in our adoption of new safety software that allows us to monitor safety on all of our jobs and on all of our crews in real time. All of our foreman are now outfitted with the latest technology by utilizing Apple IPad Tablets. From these tablets each crew can monitor and measure not only their daily work progress but now they will have the ability to perform safety inspections, tool box talks, daily safety diary entries, near miss reports, equipment inspections, JHA’s, AHA’s, TSA’s, hazard assessments, and have access to all of their crew members training certifications and training records. Each one of these functions can then be emailed or printed directly to our cloud based servers for record keeping and to our clients to fulfill their daily record keeping requirements. All of these functions will also help to fulfill those requirements tasked to us by such agencies as Federal OSHA, MOSH, Army Corp of Engineers, MSHA and the many energy companies we are pre-qualified to work for through ISNetworld and the NRG.

Dixie Construction adds HCSS Safety to Manage Increased Safety Demands