Dixie Construction Company provides clients with a number of services, all which fall under the umbrella of complete site work to suit a vast and wide array of commercial projects.

Complete site work includes everything from clearing the area to moving dirt, prepping and grading building pads to suit the client’s needs, to the installation of water, sewer, fire and storm lines. Entrances, roadways and even large parking areas are also within the scope of our complete site work capabilities. In addition, we can perform soil stabilization when circumstances of the site and/or weather don’t allow acceptable conditions for building. This is often what can mean the difference for meeting deadlines for project completion, and can keep a project on schedule.

No matter what industry or end use the particular project may fall under, Dixie Construction Company brings all of the advantages of utilizing one contractor to improve project scheduling and coordination of services. Our experienced project teams bring years of knowledge and value engineering ideas to your residential projects — frequently resulting in improved schedules and cost savings.

With nearly 50 years of expertise in the industry, Dixie Construction Company is able to combine all of its services in order to be a turnkey contractor for commercial site work projects.