landfill, environmental, & energy

Landfills include both the construction of landfills and how they are operated. Modern landfills are engineered and operated, in large part, according to where they are located.

In order to protect the natural resources that surround them, the modern landfill cell is a highly engineered structure that consists of: 1) a liner 2) the garbage fill 3) a cap 4) a leachate collection system and 5) a gas recovery system.

Dixie Construction Company has had extensive experience on numerous landfill projects that require both a combination of their nearly 50 years of construction expertise along with the implementing the latest technologies that constructing a modern landfill demands. From mass earthmoving capabilities, to large-scale material processing, as well as installation of above and below ground collection systems, Dixie Construction Company is able to handle any size landfill project from start to finish.

The key to any landfill, environmental, or energy project is planning. Dixie Construction Company’s Project Managers spend countless hours planning detailed schedules, which are reviewed with all field superintendents and foremen to ensure a precise and accurate delivery. Planning of any project begins in the bidding stage through open communication with the general contractor and/or owner. As a general contractor on many projects, Dixie Construction Company works closely with the subcontractors to coordinate scheduling in order to reduce any potential conflicts.

completed landfill projects

Beulah Landfill Cell 5 (Dorchester Co, MD)
Brown Station Road Landfill (Prince George’s Co, MD)
Harford Waste Disposal Center Construction of Cell N1 (Harford Co, MD)
Hobbs Rd Landfill Closure Cap (Caroline Co, MD)
Honeygo Run Reclamation 2009 Final Cover System (Baltimore Co, MD)
Honeygo Run Reclamation Center Cells #4 & #5 (Baltimore Co, MD)
Honeygo Run Reclamation Southern Expansion, Phase 1 (Baltimore County, MD)
Old Dump on Woodrest Creek @ APG (Harford Co, MD)

completed energy projects

CNX Coal Yard Baltimore Terminal (Baltimore City, MD)
Constellation Mount Saint Mary’s PV Park (Frederick Co, MD)
Shoreline Stabilization Indian River Generating Station, Ph I (Sussex Co, DE)