Harford Waste Disposal Center Landfill Cell N-2 Construction and Cells A-J Closure

Dixie Construction Company was awarded the contract to create a new waste Cell N-2 and to cap Cells A-J for closure at the Harford Waste Disposal Center located in Harford County Maryland. The project is being completed for the Harford County Department of Public Works. Dixie Construction Company is one of the few contractors pre-qualified to perform this particular type of work and had previously constructed cell N-1 at this facility. The purpose of the project is to create a new “lined” cell to receive solid municipal waste in conformance with all Maryland Department of the Environment regulations and to complete the closure process of existing cells that have reached capacity.

The Cell N2 Construction portion of the project consists of….Excavation of approximately 35,000 Cubic Yards of Earth, Drill, Blast, Excavation and Disposal of 230,000 Cubic Yards of Rock, and Placement of 11 Acres of HDPE Liner and Support System Consisting of:

  •   An HDPE welded seam liner
  •   A 24” layer of impervious clay
  •   A 12” layer of drainage stone with perforated piping
  •   And a 12” layer of manufactured cushion soil

The Cells A-J Closure portion of the project consists of…Clearing and Grading 44 Acres of Existing Landfill Cell Area, Installation of 35 Gas Collection Wells, and Placement of 44 Acres of HDPE Cap and Support System Consisting of:

  •    An HDPE welded seam cap
  •    A Drainage membrane
  •    A 20” layer of vegetative support soil
  •    A 4” layer of topsoil for grass growth
  •    Installation of A Gas Collection and Flare System

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